Japanse Garden (click here to buy)

 Test your patience and find all secret animations 

Ok... enough feeding fish and rubbing lines in the sand.

Japanese Gardens have always been a tranquil place to take a break. We took that canvas to show-off our graphics Kung-Fu, mixed in some pop-culture animations, with a little interaction to reward your hunt for the Easter eggs we hid.What's the point? Find all secret animation sequences! Patience is the key.

Like Miyagi-san you maintain a living garden by rubbing with the garden tools - broom, rake, trimmer, and repair. Patience is the key to unlock all secret animations. Broom on. Broom off. You know the drill. Set the tranquility wheel to 1 to enjoy the calm scenery or set the wheel to 5 and all sorts of mayhem breaks loose that requires attention for.

Hint: Sometimes, you want that garden to be really dirty. Like, really really dirty. Not just oh-there-is-a-leaf-we-need-to-clean dirty. Really dirty! So that surprising things will happen.

Please click here for more hints (Spoilers ahead!)



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