iSpider Free (click here to download)

Be advised!! The combination of unexpected events, device vibration, and creepy sounds can invoke a panic reaction. DO NOT PRANK SQUEAMISH SIBLINGS or GRANDPARENTS!

iSpider is a prank/gag app designed to startle and tease the unsuspecting mark. The app starts showing a harmless sand surface. Touch the screen to activate, then pass your gadget and try not to chuckle at the impending prank. Or set the timer and leave your device innocently on the table.
Choose between one fat, hairy spider and a quartet of little crawlers in this ad-based free version.
Check out our "iSpider - Monster Pals" for more creepy pranks!

Remember the disclaimer…. A good portion of the population gets panicky around spiders, especially those crawling out of your device.




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