Baby's Animal Show (click here to buy)

Take your child on a discovery tour within the world of animals

48 beautiful Animal Flashcards with Sound for: Baby Toddler Child

Take your child on a discovery tour within the world of animals.

This app was inspired by our toddler’s fascination with the iPhone|iPod. You can play together or enjoy some quiet minutes while your child explores. Baby's Animal Show is a safe bet to carry with you and make the little ones happy and focused.

Kid Friendly Interface:
There are no small buttons! Tapping the whole screen transitions to the next animal. Every tap reveals a new animal and their iconic sound. You will be surprised how quickly kids master the simple screen pat. You choose between 24 friendly cartoon animals or 24 real-life pictures. Switch styles during the game by tapping the left top corner of the screen.
Or try the amazing flick mode where you can flick animals back and forth while a tap repeats the sound.

We find that some playful suspense is really fun. After the mouse comes the lion…Rooarrr!!

                                                        Also available on: Android

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