Additional Information for "Japanese Garden"

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Japanese Garden is a simple "keep your garden clean and enjoy the scenario" game.

For those taking the cleaning real serious we have hidden some nice easter eggs in the game. However, those are not easy to find. In fact, they take a lot of patience. In classic Japanese endurance style we are forcing you into a pretty repetitive scheme before you are rewarded. More demanding and much more tedious than your typical iphone/ipod game. Only true Zen Masters will be rewarded.

Hint 1: Understand all areas that you can clean and repair

Hint 2: Take the hint in the game description literally. Let the garden get really dirty in all areas before you start your cleaning.

Hint 3: The first event you can unlock will explain to you what happened really to all those Koi's

Hint 4: Do a good job and some more animals will join the scenery

Hint 5: Do an expert job and something really big will happen

Hint 6: Shake and find out what Japan and California have in common. And trigger unlocked events.

Hint 7: Show incredible commitment and find out what happens in the house. This is the toughest one!

Hint 8: Send us an email with questions and suggestions on more ideas you want to see.